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A Daivi Varnashram farm village in the South Pacific Fiji Islands, and a reincarnation of the first Prabhupadanuga rtvik community near Natchez, Mississippi (1987-1992), New Jaipur is based on His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s instructions on the “second half” of the Hare Krishna Movement he began in 1966. New Jaipur is a beautiful seaside setting where devotees can live simply in Krishna consciousness while leaving behind an increasingly insane materialistic world.

The farm is 857 acres, fully titled freehold land, 1 km x 5 km, ocean front with a small river 7 km long. It runs through a fertile valley and primary rainforest mixed with farm fields and pastures. The benign environment has no snakes, scorpions, fire ants or dangerous critters. Srila Prabhupada said Fiji was Ramanik Island, where Lord Krishna banished Kaliya (and local legends support this). Colorful musk parrots abound; the climate at 17’ South is similar to Hawaii. Rainfall is abundant at 125 inches, mostly in the afternoon or at dawn due to prevailing SE trade winds pushing up onto 3000 ft high mountains and nearby Mt Kasi, the closed goldmine.

The scenery and views are awesome. The 10k sq ft Krishna Lodge with guest accommodations has been completed, and three cottages for residents are complete, four more underway. A large hilltop site for our lovely Sri Sri Radha Govinda deities’ future temple has been prepared. Our spring-fed reservoir in the jungle supplies clean water. A network of farm roads is a pleasant japa walk. Original forests of hardwood timber and foot-thick vines are delightful for nature trekking.

Vanua Levu (5600 sq km, 180 x 50 km) is the second largest Fiji island, with 140,000 people, about 45% of Indian origin. The Indians are very supportive of us foreign devotees of Lord Krishna coming here to teach them about their lost culture which has been largely forgotten since their forefathers came as laborers from India in the late 1800's. Everywhere we go, locals offer respects and say "Haribol !" The happiest and most hospitable people in the world are Fijians. Official languages: English, Hindi, Fijian.

We are registered as a Fiji religious organization. Residency is available under various options, or tourists can visit up to 6 months, renewable by a quick exit. Five years residency enables citizenship; multiple citizenship is permitted. Residency visas include assured income and with work permits (both 3 yrs renewable). Fiji is safe, stable, environmentally pure, and one of the best places on the planet in very many ways.

In February 2013 we moved to the farm from our town rental house where we had morning programs and Sunday feasts since 2010. Every few Saturdays we travel 1 ½ hrs for a Harinam book/prasadam table in Savusavu, a quaint tourist yacht-harbor town of 10,000 with a sizeable expat contingent. Since TV One featured us in a 2012 show, almost everyone in Fiji knows us. Please consider a visit to New Jaipur or contact us for further information. Simple living, high thinking is our motto; Srila Prabhupada is our primary guru; the cows and the land are Krishna’s blessings.