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Srila Prabhupada Museum

Our Prabhupada Museum contains what we believe to be the world's largest collection of Prabhupada memorabilia, known as tadiya, which are items which have been used by Srila Prabhupada personally and thus are infused with incalculably auspicious spiritual potencies. Nityananda das, a confessed memorabilia addict, continues to search out further acquisitions.  


A partial list is as follows:


1. The 1968 4 door Mercedes sedan which was used in California in the 1970's to drive Prabhupada around Los Angeles to Venice Beach and Cheviot Hills Park for morning walks, to engagements, and to the San Francisco Rathayatra. It still runs...


2. The first of our two of Prabhupada's passports.


3. Prabhupada's Corona manual typewriter from his
Radha Damodar rooms upon which the original first
three Bhagwatam volumes were produced by him.


4. One of Prabhupada's teeth which was casually
removed by Prabhupada from his mouth mid-flight
to New York from Los Angeles in mid-1975.


5. Prabhupada's last hairclippers and many
hair samples from various devotees.